BOA-CVE H control valves – for optimised and straightforward control of liquid flows

The BOA-CVE H globe valve provides reliable control of liquid flows in all industrial applications. It also offers the major benefit of being quick and easy to employ, for example in air-conditioning systems and heating systems.

BOA-CVE control valve BOA-CVE control valve The control valve can be dismantled easily without any special tools. By changing the internal valve components, operators can adapt it to a variety of control duties.

From air-conditioning to heating systems: Control valves are used in a variety of applications

  • General industrial facilities
  • Heating systems
  • Air-conditioning systems

Benefits of the BOA-CVE H control valve

  • Great variety of valve seat and plug diameters covers the entire range of nominal diameters.
  • Both sides of the seat can be used. If the seat is damaged, it can simply be turned over.
  • The soft-seated plug design meets stringent customer requirements on tight shut-off.
  • To reduce noise emissions, a parabolic plug and multi-hole cage are standard features of the globe valve.
  • On the standard variant, the stem is sealed by maintenance-free PTFE V-rings supported by a spring. Graphite packings are used for temperatures exceeding 250 °C.
  • The pressure relief design for valves > DN65, which is available on request, allows smaller actuators to be used.

Actuation of KSB's BOA-CVE/CVP H control

  • The range of actuators includes electric and pneumatic actuators with actuating forces of up to 14,000 Newton.
  • The widely used electric actuators offer input and output signals from 0/2 to 10 V or 4 to 20 mA. A three-point (open/stop/closed) actuator with limit switches can be supplied for basic control duties.
  • Actuators are available in 24V and 230V versions and four sizes.
  • Pneumatic diaphragm actuators are available in two sizes and with a comprehensive range of accessories (e.g. positioner, solenoid valves, etc.).

The new BOA-CVE H control valve from KSB is made of nodular cast iron (JS1025). Nominal sizes range from DN 20 to 150; nominal pressure classes are PN 16 and 25.