Pumps instead of excavator and conveyer belt.

Slurry pumps for mining, suction dredgers and the oil sand industry

KSB's US subsidiary GIW Industries Inc. serves mining and suction dredger applications with slurry pumps worldwide.

The long-life pumps made by GIW Industries Inc. move just about any material quickly and efficiently - be it phosphate rock in Florida or tar sands in Canada, fabricated aluminium products in Australia, copper ore in Chile, aluminium oxide in Germany or gravel on the world's seas. Such highly abrasive mixtures demand a lot of the pump. Made of especially wear resistant white iron, developed by KSB, the units have a long service life, despite the arduous conditions.

We are the experts in slurry transport and can solve even your most complicated problem. Reliably and effectively. Wherever you are in the world, we are just there. Just contact us. We have over 130 years experience, which is only one of your success factors.

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Hard Rock Mining Pumps

KSB pumps for mining applications.

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