New production hall with test facility for innovative power station pumps

In the new production hall in Frankenthal, Germany, KSB mainly manufactures boiler feed pumps for supercritical power stations. KSB safely and reliably tests the pumps on the integrated test facility.

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KSB pumps are employed in the modern high-efficiency power plants with outputs of over 800 megawatts presently being planned and built around the world.

Specifically, there is a demand for boiler feed pumps capable of coping with high temperatures and high pressures. KSB’s new production hall provides additional capacities for the manufacture of such boiler feed pumps.

Test facility for power station pumps

Our production hall incorporates a pump test facility with a 20 megawatt motor. There KSB can test boiler feed pumps at pressures of up to 500 bar and temperatures of up to 230 °C.

What’s happening in the new production hall with integrated test facility?

The new hall at the production site Germany allows KSB to bundle all its competence and experience as a base for perfectly interlinking processes. For example:

  • Welding technology
  • Mechanical production
  • Assembly of complete pump set
  • Testing on the test facility
  • Packaging and shipment

KSB’s new production hall - a strong pillar in our global manufacturing network

The new production hall at KSB’s Frankenthal site is a declaration of confidence in the production site Germany. At the company’s birthplace and headquarters, KSB invests in highly motivated, highly skilled employees and offers a secure future at one of the most desirable employer’s in the region.

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The production facility in Frankenthal - investing in the future

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