Application areas for KSB products

KSB pumps and valves are used in applications where liquids need to be transported or reliably shut off. KSB Service ensures the availability and energy-efficient operation of plants.

The range of KSB pumps covers everything from domestic rainwater harvesting to process engineering to large power stations. KSB valves are available for many applications in various designs, sizes and materials.


  • Chemical industry
  • Surface treatment system
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Heat transfer and cooling systems
  • General process engineering
  • Oil & gas

Building Services
KSB equips industrial and residential buildings, offices as well as exhibition halls and airports with pumps, valves and packaged systems.


  • Domestic water supply  
  • Building drainage 
  • Heating/air conditioning/ventilation

KSB is the leading global supplier of pumps and valves for power plants, whether fossil-fuelled, combined cycle or nuclear power plants. KSB also offers products that make economical use of renewable energy sources.


  • Fossil-fuelled power plants 
  • Renewable energies 
  • Nuclear power plants

KSB pumps and valves help to supply households, farms and industrial plants with clean water and service water.


  • Water extraction 
  • Water treatment 
  • Water transport

Waste Water
Customers need KSB pumps to transport and clean municipal or industrial waste water. Specially developed mixers are also used in the waste water treatment processes.


  • Municipal waste water transport    
  • Municipal waste water treatment
  • Transport and treatment of industrial waste water.

KSB Service
KSB Service offers tailored concepts, from the planning of a plant to commissioning and ongoing maintenance, for all areas of application. KSB Service specialists ensure the availability and energy-efficient operation of plants worldwide.


  • Equipment installation, commissioning, maintenance   
  • Maintenance inspection management  
  • Total Pump Management    
  • System Efficiency Service   
  • Technical consultancy
  • Retrofit
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