We move liquids and lives

As Nature's most revered elemental force, water flows freely and uninhibited, touching, cleansing, healing and vitalizing lives.

As it flows; cascades; rises; recedes; stagnates and percolates; it blesses; admonishes or disappoints too. KSB has developed the understanding to befriend it through innovative, eco-friendly and prudent technology by deciding its direction; its flow; its force; its volume through engineering products and solutions.

Millions of people have inadequate water supplies. Millions more live in areas frequently flooded by rivers or oceans. State-of-the-art KSB technology is good news in both cases.

Where people and crops need water transported over vast distances, our pumps and valves ensure the job is done to perfection. Whether its water for agriculture, industry community water supply or waste water disposal, our wide range of submersible pumps, non – clog submersible pumps, end suction and axially split water pumps and even our vertical in-line pumps move water from any place, any depth, and any height with ease.

To serve you better, our product line is broadly categorized as follows

  • Submersible Borewell Pumps
  • Domestic water Pumps
  • Stainless Steel & Solar Application Pumps

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