With our Products we offer you operational excellence in Chemicals Production

Chemical production industry is an industry with extreme challenges using complex combinations of reactions and processes that convert crude oil, natural gas, air, water, metals and minerals to produce various chemical products categorized into bulk chemicals, specialty chemicals, agrochemicals, fertilizers, petrochemicals and polymers.

Pumps required in chemical manufacturing industry must be of high quality, reliability and safety standards suitable for corrosive, aggressive and flammable liquids to withstand high temperatures and pressures. Additionally, the pumping equipment employed must offer trouble-free, energy efficient operation and low maintenance in order to guarantee smooth running at all times and to minimize life cycle costs.

KSB’s advanced range of chemical pumps ensure dependable performance of your processes so that you can focus on your core business as well as the safe and profitable operation of your plant. Our optimized hydraulic systems ensure an energy-efficient operation, and with the help of our comprehensive service from installation and commissioning to inspection, maintenance and on-site repair you can reduce your total cost of ownership too.

Our extensive portfolio for chemical manufacturing includes corrosion-resistant standardized and engineered chemical pumps and process pumps with closed, semi-open and channel impellers, seal-less pumps, mechanical seals, valves, drives and much more even finding applications in green hydrogen and CCUS processes!

Join us & continue to experience the joy of being a KSB customer!

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