Control Valves

Our product range covers Globe / Angle type control valves from ½” to 36” size and pressure rating upto 4500# ASME Special class for all services and caters to all Industry Segments, Power, Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Refining, Fertilizer, Chemical, Pharma, Aerospace etc. We offer customized high engineered solutions tailor made for control applications with justified cost of ownership for products, spare parts and service.

Control Valve Range

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MIL 21000

Single Seated Heavy Top Guided Globe Control Valves

More to MIL 21000
MIL 29000

MIL 29000

Micropak High Precision Micro Flow Control Valves

More to MIL 29000
MIL 41000

MIL 41000

Single Seated Heavy Duty Cage Guided Globe Control Valves

More to MIL 41000
MIL 77000

MIL 77000

Multi-stage Labyrinth Lo-dB Control Valve

More to MIL 77000
MIL 78000

MIL 78000

Multi-Stage Anti-cav/Low Noise control valves

More to MIL 78000
MIL 9100

MIL 91000

Multi-Stage Multi-Path Axial Flow Control Valves

More to MIL 91000
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