MIL 37-38 Pneumatic Spring Diaphragm Actuators

MIL 37-38


MIL 37- direct and MIL 38- reverse pneumatic spring diaphragm actuators are designed to provide high performance with linear stem motion valves. They provide automatic operation of control valve with the given supply head. The actuator position the valve plug in response to varying pneumatic loading pressure on the actuator diaphragm.

Handwheel and limit stop shall be provided optionally

Technical Specifications

  • Standard Sizes & Rating
    Sizes : 11”, 13”, 15”, 18” & 24”
    Travel : 4”
    Supply Pressure : 20 psi(g) to 65 psi(g)
Additional Information

MIL 37-38 Actuator Product Leaflets

MIL 37-38 Actuator Product Leaflets1 MB