Elevation is an art of controlled movement

Whatever may be the needs of your building, our products “rise” to the occasion. Our range of pumps and valves keeps water flowing wherever it's needed – even to the top of high – rise buildings. From water and circulation pumps, pressure boosting units, drainage and waste water pumps to butterfly valves, we meet all the needs of private and commercial buildings.

KSB sets its sights high. Building services are a case in point. Our pumps are at home in skyscrapers across the globe. They are, for example, cooling the world's tallest tower, the “Burj Khalifa", Dubai.

KSB pumps and valves are at the heart of numerous hot water, heating, air-conditioning, drinking water and waste water systems in domestic apartments, offices, airports and industrial complexes. Automation solutions like the Pump Drive Variable Speed System or the “Level Control” system make life easier in high-rise blocks; complex water handling, cooling and heating systems. And, if the needs are to drain cellars and pits, or keep parks and tennis courts green, KSB is right there with effective solutions.

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