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  1. Supply of Boiler feed pump recirculation Valve


    In a first of its kind venture in India, MIL successfully developed and tested BFP Min RC valve for Jaypee Nigrie 2 X 660MW Super Thermal Power Project against order from L & T Power Division, Baroda.

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  2. MIL signs alliance agreement with W&T, Germany


    MIL has entered into a strategic alliance with Welland & Tuxhorn AG, a leading supplier of special control valves in the international market.

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  3. Supply of Start-up feed water valve

    Startup Feedwater

    MIL successfully tested the Startup Feed water control valve (14”, ASME 3000# Special Class, WC9)

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  4. BFPRC valves supplied for LANCO's Supercritical Project


    Details about the recent supply of BFPRC valves for LANCO's supercritical project.

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