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Introducing KSB in India

KSB Limited founded in the year 1960, is headquartered in Pune in the state of Maharashtra. To cater to the needs of the new and emerging India, KSB India has invested in world class facilities and technologies to cater to the demands of the Indian sub continent. Our world class facilities in India are fully equipped to advise customers, design, test, fabricate and quality-assure on all aspects of fluid mechanics in India. All our plants in Pimpri, Chinchwad, Khandala, Vambori, Sinnar, Coimbatore and Meladoor  are a showcase of immaculate manufacturing and engineering practices!

Apart from the six manufacturing units, KSB in India has a very strong Marketing, Sales and Service setup to offer solutions to our customers effectively. All pumps and valves are offered to the market today, are through a very wide distribution network comprising of

  • 4 zonal offices
  • 16 branch offices
  • 1000+ authorized dealers
  • 5 service stations
  • 200+ authorized service centers
  • 21 godowns

all this to ensure that for every KSB pump and valve in use, there is a KSB sales and service outlet around the corner.

And this quest continues …

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Wherever fluids need to be transported, controlled or shut off, customers worldwide trust our expertise as valve and pump manufacturers.