Our Behaviour

At a cross-functional level, we work together to achieve our shared objectives. To ensure the successful fulfillment of our tasks, we clarify roles and reach clear agreements. We also observe our values in our collaboration with customers and partners.  
Leadership means maximizing the contribution of the entire team towards the success of the company. To this end, our managers develop their staff and support them in optimizing their performance. We rely on fairness and sincerity in our dealings with each other.

Our communications are clear, fact-based and geared to an open exchange of ideas. By considering different standpoints and addressing conflicts constructively, we arrive at the best solutions and results. We deal with information responsibly.
Regular feedback helps us to make a realistic assessment of our actions and their effect, and helps us with course correction.

By questioning the status quo in a targeted and logical manner, we are able to develop new solutions while safeguarding proven ideas and methods. The ultimate aim is to achieve a continuous improvement in our products and services, as well as in our work processes. Flexibility, innovativeness and willingness to learn are important prerequisites for making a success of any change.

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Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

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