Authorised Dealers and Authorised Service Centers (ASCs)

Apart from the five manufacturing units, KSB in India has a very strong Marketing, Sales and Aftermarket (Service) setup to offer solutions to our customers effectively. 

All of the pumps, valves and systems are offered to the market today, are through a very wide distribution network comprising of 4 zonal offices, 16 branch offices, over 800 authorized dealers, 5 service stations, over 150 authorized service centers and 22 godowns; all this to ensure that for every KSB pump and valve in use, there is a KSB sales and service outlet around the corner.

Select the city or the nearest city to your location and the product you are looking for, you will get the KSB sales or service as well as authorised dealer and authorised service centre details. 

Find out your nearest KSB Sales or Service contact details.

If you are interested in joining the KSB family as a authorised dealer or authorised service centre, please contact KSB's branch manager from the nearest office to your locations.

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