KSB Ltd - 1st to develop Indigenous pumps for NPCIL’s 700 MW power plant

With the Pandemic taking over the world in year 2020, everything came to a standstill & it had paramount impact on business world especially manufacturing sector. As the months passed, some industries recovered quickly, while others had difficulty to adapt to the new normal. Yet, there were few companies which did not let go easily & prepared themselves to tackle new challenges. KSB Ltd was one of them, which not only recovered but accelerated itself to newer heights.

KSB Ltd, a leader in pump manufacturing, delivered the Indigenously developed Main Feed Water Pump (RHD-350) & Booster Pump (BP) (YNK 350-620) for Nuclear Power Corporation India Limited (NPCIL). It marked a milestone for KSB Ltd in developing for the first time in India the Feed Water Pump (FWP) for 700 MW Nuclear power plant & adding a new product to its product portfolio which already boasts off a range of pumps for nuclear application, from feed water pump to primary coolant pump. In doing so, it also established KSB Ltd. as a leader in pumps for Nuclear Power Plant applications.

As the pumps moved out from KSB Ltd.’s state of art facility in Shirwal on 13th Mar 2021, KSB Ltd. became the first company in India to manufacture fully indigenously developed FWP & BP for 700 MW power plant.

KSB Ltd, is proud to have been associated with NPCIL for supply of pumps for various critical applications like Primary Coolant Pumps, Shut Down Cooling Pumps, Primary Pressurizing Pumps etc.

NPCIL has plans to set up 12 units of 700 MW power plants and as part of the ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ initiative, Govt. of India was looking for indigenizing the FWPs and BPs for these plants. The development proposal for the same was initiated in year 2015 and KSB Ltd. Is proud to have been selected for this development initiative and successfully completed the same.


In October 2017 KSB received the order for development of the Main Boiler Feed water Pump (BFP) & BP with a complete package of supply including Electric motor, Gear box & lube oil plant etc.

BFP being an important pump in the power plant, NPCIL demanded a robust design & very high reliable service life of 40 years.

The pump design was to be tested & validated for performance on various design parameters such as Seismic analysis, stress analysis, rotor dynamics, critical speed analysis etc., including the seal designs & selection. The pressure parts viz. pump casing, seal housing etc. were to be designed to qualify in accordance with ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code Section VIII Div.1/ANSI-B31.1 Power Piping. The Pumps foundation structures were designed to withstand seismic loads in addition to the static & dynamic loads. The design also included development of new hydraulics viz Impeller, Pump casing etc. also the hydraulic design needed to be qualified by CFD analysis. The design also had to facilitate rapid replacement of the pump rotor without disturbing the setup at site.

The execution involved development & manufacturing of critical components viz. Volute casing, Impeller etc. right   from drawings & design stage, it included pattern development for sound castings & development of forgings. Even with the strong vendor network & KSB’s expertise in the field, it was still a challenge in getting parts approved in first attempt to meet the stringent quality norms required by NPCIL.

KSB’s state of art of manufacturing facility at Shirwal, with its advanced manufacturing capability accelerated the progress in development. New processes developments like special coatings & modern machining processes involving latest manufacturing technology paved the way for new learning & experience, building the confidence to move ahead.

Being a new development & non-symmetrical designed pump, new tooling was designed & developed for assembly of pump. Special tools & set up helped to speed up the assembly process & save precious time. With the assembly of the pumps, the development was only half complete, as the biggest challenge was to successfully test the pump through the toughest of the test parameters, ensuring the pumps perform at site under all eventualities such as earthquake etc.

A special test loop was designed & set up, capable of carrying out all the tests without the need to change the set up as tests also involved running the pump continuously for 24 hrs.

The Main pump as well as the Booster pumps were put through a series of test conditions for establishing the performance, NPSH (at 3% and 1% head drop), Visual cavitation test carried out for booster pump to obtain the value of suction pressure at first bubble formation, Pressure pulsation test (where the peak to peak pulsation was measured during performance test), Hot water test(Test carried out at 170 o C for 8 hours at min. flow, rated flow & max. flow), Thermal shock test was conducted at end of hot water test. The hot water from the loop was evacuated & water with ambient temperature was pumped in the loop simultaneously creating thermal shock. The pump was also tested for dry running, the test loop was fully dry with suction valve closed down. Finally, a complete unit test was carried out for 6 hours simulating the site set up with Pumps, Motor, Gear box, Lube oil system etc.

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