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  1. KSB pumps - Serving at the National War Memorial in Delhi

    KSB is proud to serve at the National War Memorial in Delhi which has been built as a tribute to the soldiers killed in the major wars post independence.

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  2. CPK SO - Pumps with semi open impellers for chemical industry

    Etanorm G

    KSB has a solution in the form of CPK SO pumps for handling chemically aggressive, non-abrasive, polymerizing media or media liable to form lumps as well as gas-containing liquids (with specific gravity limiting to 1.2 max).

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  3. CORA 3HH - High head submersible pumpsets from KSB Limited

    Odhav Service Station_original

    With the depleting water levels the requirement for lifting water from bore well is becoming critical. To address this demand, KSB has introduced CORA 3HH series in 100 mm submersible motor pumps.

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  4. KSB Limited conducting free service camps for submerged “Petty Para” motor pump sets in Thrissur.


    KSB Limited is conducting free service camps for the flood affected motor pumpsets in Thrissur area.

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