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Customers put high demands on fire protection systems: On the one hand, they hope that they will never actually need them. On the other hand, they expect everything to work perfectly if fire does strike. Fire-fighting pumps naturally face the same high demands. All components must be constructed to be ready at any time, despite the very limited period of use, and “ready” means able to operate at full capacity immediately.

Simplify your protection system. KSB Indonesia has proven field experience provides you with a truly integrated custom built package that is as individual as your system demands. We fully test every fire pump complete with driver, controllers, and accessories to guarantee total integrity and ensure the fire pump package arrives on the site ready for trouble free operation.

Ready stock fire protection pumps with engines or motors are available.                                                                                              Do feel free to contact our sales team for more information.

Sales Building Services                                                                    Wina: 08121171634 Wina.Septianawati@ksb.com                          Janter: 081289816255 Janter.Edward@ksb.com

Sales General Industry                                                                Brens: 08119440865 Brens.Oktaringer@ksb.com                            Fadel: 081196000135  Fadel.Ramadhan@ksb.com                          Antonius: 08118701251 Antonius.Wijaya@ksb.com                         

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