KSB original spare parts


Ensure optimum pump and valve operations

All original spare parts by KSB are state of the art that help reducing energy consumption and prevent downtime with advantages of:

  • short delivery times
  • replacements for original parts that are no longer available
  • longer service lives thanks to upgraded design, higher-quality materials or KSB’s special materials

Benefits of original KSB spare parts

High-grade materials and top quality

KSB’s reliable new pumps and related spare parts, such as pump impellers, are manufactured using the same machines. This ensures consistently high quality for all our products.

Available worldwide

KSB supplies customers anywhere in the world with all the spare parts they require. In addition, our competent staff with comprehensive pump know-how provide consultancy even on-site.

Warranty for original spare parts

All original spare parts, such as pump impellers, are covered by KSB’s warranty (under special term and condition). Our spare parts are of the highest quality and will keep your system running for years.

24 hour order service

To avoid downtime, KSB processes all orders quickly and to the full satisfaction of its customers. Many spare parts are even dispatched within 24 hours of receiving an order under special term and condition.

Pump know-how

KSB offers advice on all aspects of spare parts provisioning and optimum maintenance cycles. This allows you to take advantage of useful modifications and innovations. We are active in research and development to make your system not only reliable but also state of the art.

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