Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

SupremeServ offers a customized Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) consisting of a maintenance plan according to the customer needs. The scope of negotiation regarding the contract time span, budget requirements and specificity in various areas, SupremeServ is ready to supply.


In order to maintain pump functionality effectively on a long term basis would require our maintenance contract, guarantying optimal pump standards. The maintenance contract is referred to as an inspection contract, it is product-specific allowing intervals, scope of services and commercial terms and conditions to be defined between customer and pump manufacturer. This will ensure our pumps are maintained at the highest standards, ensuring reliability and decreasing unscheduled downtime. Resulting in a reduction in energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Similar to continual warranties, the maintenance contract provides assurance through our 24/7 hotline emergency for troubleshooting, detailed specification and solution to pump systems and valves.

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