Augmented Reality Service

Expert Knowledge via Data Glasses

KSB Cibitung Visualization When it comes to on-time commissioning, maintenance and repair, time is the essence. All tasks must be completed as quickly as possible so that the system can be put into service or availability restored, ensuring reliable system operation. Unforeseeable problems or damage to components can seriously disrupt commissioning or maintenance processes. This is where KSB’s Augmented Reality Service can provide quick and easy assistance.

Equipped with data glasses or via an app for mobile phones/ tablets, on-site service personnel can hook up directly with a KSB specialist, patching in expert knowledge “live”. At the monitor in the back office, the KSB specialist sees and hears everything that the service engineer sees and hears. The two can also examine the periphery of the pump set together.

This enables sources of error and causes of damage to be identified rapidly, and appropriate remedial measures to be discussed and implemented. To support the service work, the KSB specialist can highlight areas of the live image to show the engineer what has to be done or can display documents, such as exploded views or even relevant pages of the operating manual, on the monitor of the data glasses, tablet or mobile phone. In addition, service personnel benefit from helpful tips based on years of experience. The Augmented Reality Service soon will be available in Indonesia.

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