Hard Rock or Milling

Our slurry pumps will be very much suitable in the application of hard rock or milling, as required in several mining operation such as copper, iron ore, gold, zinc and nickel. 

In which our slurry pumps model of heavy duty rubber slurry pumps, severe duty metal slurry pumps, heavy duty metal slurry pumps and other slurry pumps such as conversion pumps can be the first option for the applications' needs.

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LCC-M slurry pumps_original

LCC-M slurry pumps

The LCC Rubber-Lined Series slurry pumps are suitable for moderate discharge head, fine particles and highly corrosive slurries.

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LCC-R slurry pumps_original

LCC-R slurry pumps

The LCC-M Series Slurry Pumps are suitable for high-discharge head, mildly corrosive slurries and a wide range of particle sizes. Custom materials are available for highly corrosive slurries.

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LCV slurry pumps_original

LCV slurry pumps

The LCV series is ideal for industrial process pumping, tailings disposal in mining, and pit use for dredge and other operations.

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LSA-S Slurry pumps_original

LSA-S Slurry pumps

LSA-S Series Slurry Pumps are recommended for ore transport, mill discharge, cyclone feed, tailings and plant process application.

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MDX Slurry pumps_original

MDX Slurry pumps

The MDX pump, the heart of the mill circuit, tackles the most extreme duty conditions. Select the MDX for your next mill circuit application to help ensure cost-effective and continuous operations.

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WBC Slurry pumps_original

WBC Slurry pumps

WBC Slurry Pumps are a patented design for severe duties with operating flows up to 70,000 gpm (16.000 m3/h).

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