Dewatering & Dredge

After several years of research, KSB came up with the new design of Dewatering and Dredge Pumpsets (DnD), as solution for mining applications, especially for open-pit mine sites.

Our DnD is recognized for its outstanding capacity to lead in severe open pit mine sites, both in aggressive mine water as well as slurry surface. As the majority of Indonesian mine sites are considered as open pit mine sites, in terms of its topography condition. These open pit mining minerals are conceded using extractive method that requires tunneling into the earth.

Dnd 1 2019
Dnd 1 2019
dnd 1 2019
Dnd 2 2019
DNd 3 2019
Dnd 3 2019
Dnd 4 2019
Dnd 4 2019
Dnd 5 2019
Dnd 5 2019

That is why DnD pump comes in handy for the disposal of solid waste of exhausted mine that is usually converted to landfills. It functions as a form of water control to prevent the mine pit from becoming a lake. During this phase, DnD transforms from being a supporting equipment to vital equipment.

Our DnD Pump Sets have been already certified for Local Value Addition (TKDN/Tingkat Komponen Dalam Negeri) with up to 40.96% value.

The Dewatering & Dredge Pumpset with Cruiser (DnD200 Cruiser)

Begin with the successful experience of supplying more than 260 units of Dewatering & Dredge Pumpset to a number of mining customers in Indonesia as well as South East Asia since 2006. In 2013, KSB Indonesia launched new model and design of Dewatering & Dredge Pumpset, this pumpset is facilitated with several technical advancement such as:

  • Heavy duty runner, impeller, stuffing box, and rubber lined non-return valve
  • RTD with display to monitor bearing temperature, pressure transmitter and dry running sensor with automtaic shutdown for pump protection
  • Conduit connector, conduit hose and clamp material
  • Fuel tank, top hand rail, panel box and fastener

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