The De-Silter on Consturcion and Operation

Its application in removing the most stubborn silt accumulated over the years at the bottom of a pond or lagoon and effectively deepen on a pond or lagoon by taking out sand and mud from the bottom.

The De-Silter is suspended on the Pontoon which can be lifted up or lowered down for fine adjustment of suction depth; or rest on the Pontoon with anti-vibration pad.

It is manoeuvered by two manually operated mechanical winches with wire rope or nylon rope to reach all the area of the pond. The winches are stationed on land which location can easily move about. Suction depth varies by adapting different suction extensions.

de silter pic1
Suction De-Silter (on-site)
desilter 2
Suction De-Silter (on-site)
Suction De-Silter (on-site)
Suction De-Silter (on-site)

Several advantages on Suction Cutter De-Silter are:

  • Able to work in most heavily silted pond.
  • No more large scale excavation or desludging work.
  • Minimize scum and solids carry over to your aerobic or facultative pond.
  • Schedule your own desilting programme.
  • Ensure consistent final discharge values.
  • Optimize performance of the treatment plant.
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