Its application for water supply, irrigation, drainage systems, pressure boosting, fire fighting, hotwell and sandfilter.

All dimensions of the Aquavane range fully comply with DIN 24255 allowing full interchangeability with equivalent pumps. Following benefits on Aquavane's features are:

  • Its back pull out feature allows to be removed without disturbing pipework connections and driver and to be easily accessed to the gland.
  • A stainless steel shaft sleeve which is fitted with the packed gland mdoels, to be easily replaced without replace the whole shaft. It is easy for your maintenance and time consumption saving.
  • Maximum interchangeability of componentry is ensured with the modular construction of Aquavane.
  • Grease nipples are fitted to allow periodic regreasing of the bearings ensuring extended service life.
  • Spare part inventory can be minimized, resulting in off the shelf deliveries.

Aquavane pumps on KSB Indonesia's warehouse:

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Aquavane's design
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