Aquaprime Heavy Duty Self-Primer

These products are built to suit your needs, in the condition of clean or dirty water, saline water, acidic and caustic fluids, as well as diesel and light oils.

It has large bearings, shaft and large mechanical seal to suit different kinds of industrial applications. The carefully designed of the bearing housing and shaft, coupled with heavy duty bearing resulting bigger stability in pumps, as well as the capability of deflections' minimization on the shaft, that will prolong  mechnical seal's life span. Its tick suction pump and components are specifically designed for abbrasion and corrosion resistance, as well as its open impeller will be reliable in handling sludge, solids and stringy materials.

aquaprime pic
Advantageous to use in condition when the suction pipe is empty, as its self-primer will be able to draw water up the suction line. Other advantages are:

  • Easy primming. No need to fill the pump casing, no need a footvalve in usage and avoid the complication of vacuum pumps.
  • Easy cleaning. As its application in most of all jobs containing fluid such as rags, its featured with cleaning cover as easier rapid removal of clogging.
  • Easy stripping. With a spacer coupling, it is easily remove all rotating and sealing pump parts, without moving piping or pump mounting feet, through the back pull-out features. No realigning needed on re-assembly.
  • Low maintenance and long life. Its casing mounted feet gives maximum stifness to carry the weight of any unsupported pipes or hoses.
  • Seal. With the realibility of long coupled shaft and bearings, leakage from the water seal is completely isolated from the driver. It may not be the case with other pump which the impeller is mounted on the driver shaft.
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