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As soon as the soil is dry in September, the harvesting of the beets begins. From sugar beet to the finished sugar product, pumps and valves from KSB are ideal for use in the complex processes involved in sugar production and ensure smooth and reliable operations.

Sugar The main renewable raw material in sugar production is the sugar beet. KSB has the perfect solution for each step in the sugar production process, from beet washing and extraction to the crystallisation of the sugar.

 The production process begins with the harvest, known as the campaign. In central Europe, this usually begins in mid-September and lasts 80 to 110 days. The individual steps involved in sugar production comprise a wide range of different fluid handling processes, e.g. from the transport of the cossette/juice mixture to the extraction tower and the handling of sugar crystals dissolved in water.

Zuckerherstellung von der Rübe zum Dünnsaft Zuckerherstellung von der Rübe zum Dünnsaft Zuckerherstellung von der Safteindickung zum Zucker Zuckerherstellung von der Safteindickung zum Zucker

These complex sugar production processes require customised system solutions and technically advanced products. KWP , a horizontal, radially split volute casing pump in back pull-out design is primarily employed for the transport of solids-laden fluids and slurries as is required in sugar production.

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Reliable and absolutely tight: Isoria is the ideal shut-off and control valve for all industrial applications. The maintenance-free, robust butterfly valve is marketed under KSB’s AMRI brand.

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MegaCPK is a particularly powerful standardised pump destined for the chemical and petrochemical industry, and many other fields of application.

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KSB has further developed its standardised chemical pumps to leave them optimised for the challenges and customer requirement of today's market.

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