Enjoy white tracks with high-quality snow-making systems by KSB

All the way from water extraction to the automatic controlling of snow-making equipment: KSB solutions professionally and reliably ensure artificial snow supply to enjoy white tracks all winter long. KSB pumps and valves set against ski tracks and mountains

Fine, snow-clad tracks that will make you want to put on your skis right there, this is what winter sports enthusiasts wish for every year. To make sure their winter is always on track, many ski resorts rely on snow-making equipment – and on KSB. We provide economical solutions and systems all the way from water extraction and water supply for snow guns to the automatic control of snow-making equipment.

KSB has it all – from planning to completion

Our experts support you right from the start, with individual consulting from the planning phase onwards, maturely developed, technically flawless products, and comprehensive service. This includes:

  • Commissioning of snow-making systems
  • Service and maintenance
  • 24-hour all-round service

Optionally, KSB provides modern and precisely matched monitoring equipment for all snow-making products. This prevents downtimes and their expensive consequences. We've been in action for years with our snow-making equipment and services, and a long-standing, reliable partner of major ski resorts in Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy and Germany.

Make the most of potential savings in snow making

To provide well-maintained tracks in a large mountain resort, all equipment employed needs to operate efficiently. KSB solutions like the Hyamaster® smart control system and the PumpMeter® pressure transmitter help utilise potential savings. PumpMeter®, for example, reliably measures all relevant values and operating data, and so contributes to increasing the pumps' energy efficiency.

Products for water extraction and supply for snow guns

Our advanced and well-proven pumps for water extraction can be employed even way up in the mountains to reliably handle and transport water. We recommend using the following products for these applications:

  • Amarex® KRT (submersible motor pump, DN 40 to DN 700)
  • UPA® 200, 200B, 250C (submersible borehole pump)

In addition, Multitec®, HGM® and Etanorm® pumps keep up the pressure to reliably feed snow guns.

Valves that round it off

To complement your snow-making equipment, KSB also offers the following globe and gate valves

  • NORI® 40
  • NORI® 160
  • NORI® 500

All our valves set the yardstick for reliability and so perfect our all-in package of pumps, valves and systems for snow-making applications.

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