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Applications in the pulp and paper industry are counted among the most demanding technical processes. Tackling these challenges requires comprehensive application know-how. As a systems supplier, KSB can draw on decades of experience in developing bespoke solutions for the manufacturing of paper.


Paper involves sheets of fibres which are treated with chemical substances. The prime raw material used in paper production is wood.

Different processes are applied in the production of fibrous materials. Wood pulp, also referred to as groundwood or wood-containing paper, is mechanically treated by grinding deciduous and coniferous woods where the bark has been removed. It is an important source material for the production of paper. Cellulose is extracted via a process which uses sulphite or sulphate and constitutes a further important raw material in paper production. De-inked pulp is produced from waste paper by dissolving and washing fibres.

In paper production, fibrous materials are dissolved and then fillers and auxiliary constituents are added. Pulp pumping refers to the transportation of pulp suspensions of various densities and types (mixtures of liquid and solid components) by means of centrifugal or pulp pumps in the pulp and paper industry. In contrast to solids transport, where a distinction between the solid matter and the carrier liquid is possible, the floating material suspensions created in the pulp and paper industry exhibit specific flow behaviours. With a comprehensive range of products and long standing expertise, KSB is able to take on the technical challenges of paper production.

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MegaCPK is a particularly powerful standardised pump destined for the chemical and petrochemical industry, and many other fields of application.

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RPH pump

The robust single-stage process pumps of KSB’s RPH series reliably and efficiently handle fluids in refineries, petrochemical and chemical plants as well as in power stations.

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