Latest KSB API pump fulfils highest safety requirements

Long service life and low maintenance with high operating reliability – these are the main requirements for hermetically sealed API pumps. With the market launch of the new RPHmdp API pump, KSB is now also offering this reliable and service-friendly product for processes in the refinery industry.

RPH-V process pump
RPH-V process pump
RPH process pump
RPH process pump
RPHmdp process pump with magnetic drive
RPHmdp process pump with magnetic drive
CHTR multistage process pump
CHTR multistage process pump

The RPHmdp – mdp stands for MagDrivePump – extends the existing RPH selection range by a hermetically sealed variant with a magnetic drive. As this special pump was developed in accordance with the API 685 standard at a customer’s request in 2004, KSB can already list numerous successful reference applications.

How has the pump been optimised?

  • The discharge cover has been redesigned to match the mating dimensions of the magnetic coupling.
  • RPH and RPHmdp are interchangeable.
  • Whenever a retrofit is requested, the volute casing may remain in the piping
  • The baseplate and motor position can usually remain the same.

The KSB product range for API pumps includes:

  • Top seller: RPH (OH2 design)
  • Vertical variant: RPH-V (VS4 design)
  • Multistage variant: CHTR (BB5 design)

Overview of the new RPHmdp:

  • Horizontal, radially split volute casing pump
  • Back pull-out design to API 685
  • OH2 design
  • Radial impeller
  • Single-entry
  • Single-stage
  • Centreline pump feet
  • Magnetic coupling

The new API pump is ideally suited for handling clean, particle-free, aggressive, toxic, explosive or valuable fluids. Applications include the petrochemical and chemical industries and refineries.

Additional Information

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