CHTR – multistage barrel-type pump to API 610 for extreme applications in the oil and gas industries

The multistage barrel-type pump of the CHTR type series to API 610/10 is used, amongst others, in petrochemical processes at refineries and energy applications in power stations. It runs reliably at high pressure and can thus sustain extreme loads in the oil and gas industries. 

Benefits the CHTR barrel-type pump offers

High operating reliability

  • Optimised balance drum geometry ensuring minimal axial thrust and high operating reliability
  • Highly resilient rolling element bearings or pivoted segmental thrust bearings hold the rotor in the correct axial position and absorb any remaining axial thrust.
  • Impellers individually secured to API 610
  • Seal chamber dimensions to API 610

Extended service life

  • Mechanical seals designed for use at high loads to minimise vibrations and prolong service life
  • Extremely durable and rigid pump shaft
  • Pressure-retaining components to ASME Sec. VIII Div. 1
  • Flange dimensions (depending on operating pressure) to API 610

Easy to service

  • Suction and discharge flanges need not be disconnected
  • Rotor need not be removed for inspection (or replacement) of bearings
  • Rotor need not be removed for inspection (or replacement) of mechanical seal (cartridge-type design)

Reduced operating costs

  • Modular design system ensuring high flexibility for adaptation to the specified operating conditions (5 pump sizes, 16 stages maximum)
  • Great choice of more than 30 highly efficient hydraulic systems available, thanks to special impeller and diffuser designs
  • Efficiency can be improved, for example, by impeller trimming

Further features

  • Low-friction bearings
  • Oil ring lubrication
  • Forced oil lubrication on request
  • Water-cooled bearing housings
  • Fan cooling on request
  • Seal casing cooling on request
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