NORI 40 bellows globe valve – optimum flow at high temperatures

KSB has developed its new NORI 40 bellows globe valve especially for hot fluids in heat transfer systems. It offers maximum reliability and optimum flow at high temperatures.


The bellows design is perfectly matched to the requirements of heat transfer systems with high temperatures.

Benefits of the NORI 40 bellows valve:

Reliable sealing
No gasket creep thanks to fully confined bonnet gasket.

Leak-proof and easy to service
Double-walled bellows welded to the stem at the lower end and to the yoke at the upper end. No vibrations transmitted from valve plug to bellows. The valve plug is easy to replace.

Long service life and high functional reliability
Valve seat made of wear- and corrosion-resistant materials

Cast body with optimised flow path. Excellent zeta values and little pressure loss

Space-saving design
Non-rising handwheel

Easy to operate
Adjustable travel stop, position indicator and locking device supplied as a standard

Added safety
Pure graphite safety gland downstream of the valve

Single model for shut-off and throttling
Standard throttling plug up to DN 100. Reduced number of spares and spare parts stocks

NORI 40 strainers (types FSL/FSS) and non-return valves (types RXL/RXS) complement this series.

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