Isoria shut-off butterfly valve by KSB AMRI – reliable and versatile

Isoria, the maintenance-free, centred-disc butterfly valve of the KSB AMRI brand, stands for reliable operation, shut-off and sealing.

Isoria-shut-off-butterfly Isoria shut-off butterfly valves by KSB AMRI are employed as shut-off and control valves in all industrial applications.


  • Energy sector
  • Water supply, water treatment and irrigation
  • Disposal, desalination (reverse osmosis or multi-stage flash)
  • Shipbuilding
  • Steel industry
  • Power stations and cooling circuits
  • Chemical industry
  • Desulphurisation
  • Sugar industry

Isoria butterfly valves are available in various designs:

  • Valve with lever
  • Valve with pneumatic, electric or hydraulic actuator
  • Variants made of grey cast iron, cast steel or nodular cast iron

Benefits of Isoria shut-off butterfly valves made by KSB AMRI:

Absolutely reliable shut-off and sealing

  • The AMRING sealing system with its soft-seated, spherically machined valve disc and spherically moulded liner ensures perfectly tight shut-off, even if the valve is actuated frequently.
  • The specially designed liner also provides a tight seal at the flange connections, eliminating the need for an extra gasket.

High operating reliability

  • Steel bearings with reinforced PTFE lining 
  • Stem in anti-blow out design

Long service life

  • The AMRING sealing system allows fluid contact with valve disc and liner only.
  • No risk of corrosion 
  • The keyed or splined positive connection between shaft and disc ensures optimum power transmission.


  • Direct mounting of pneumatic, electric and hydraulic actuators possible
Additional Information

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ISORIA – Maintenance-free, soft-seated, Centred-disc Butterfly Valve