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Green building concept is now increasingly implemented in Indonesia, especially Jakarta because of the difficulty of achieving the target of RTH (green open space) although not described in detail in regulations the government of Jakarta RTRW 2011-2030 but it seems more and more serious as evidenced by the issuance of Jakarta Governor Regulation No. 38 in 2012.

For the foreseeable future consultants and developers who do not follow this rule will be sanctioned. Among them, the new building will not get a building permit (IMB). As for the old building (renovation) will not receive certificates worth a Function (SLF) Building and consultants or developers who will build shall have to meet the criteria of green building.

The phenomenon is an opportunity for us to enter the market because of the innovations that we have today, with Fluid Future Energy efficieny by KSB. When the community is aware of the importance of efficiency especially supported by KSB. That's why in Indonesia Green Building is a hot topic and the emergence of institutions are also institutions that concentrate on healthy buildings. Name Green Building Council Indonesia has intensified since the GBC INDONESIA is an Emerging Member of the World Green Building Council (WGBC), based in Toronto, Canada. WGBC is currently comprised of 102 countries and has only one GBC in each country. GBC Indonesia followed by many famous constructors are also customers or even become a new customer for the KSB Indonesia.Expected to joining KSB Indonesia into the Green Building Council Indonesia's membership can support sales activities in the market. With the GBC Indonesia certificate proving that the product KSB does have qualities that fit the needs of today's market. Has a high-tech yet friendly environment. In order to meet the promise of KSB, technology that drives success.

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