KSB indonesia - Milestones

KSB Indonesia never slows down and thus stands for continuous innovation with tradition being key. From the beginnings to the latest product: achievements and highlights KSB Indonesia at a glance. 

  1. Product development for Palm Oil Mills

    PIC aquaflow

    KSB has focused on the needs of pumps especially for Palm Oil Mill and Biofuel. Here, KSB has partnered with CK, a Malaysian manufacturer who currently belongs to KSB Indonesia. It built 5 different pumps based on applications in Palm Oil Mill. Following pumps are Aquaflow (specific for handling slurry, corrosive and abrasive fluid), Aquachem (concern on the needs of several industries, such as food processing, sugar, palm oil and biofuel industries), Aquaprime (specific for mild corrosive dirty water and light slurry), Suction Cutter De-Silter, and MTP-OBNT.

  2. Introduction of DnD (Dewatering and Dredge Pump)

    Introduction of DnD_original

    KSB introduced Dewatering and Dredge Pump Set - DnD to the pump market in specific for mining application. It is the first dewatering pump set which offers the outstanding capacity in Indonesian category of open pit mine sites. The new DnD has an efficiency of handling solid waste by using extractive method and is ideally suited for both agrssive mine water as well as slurry surface.

  3. Transfer of share ownership of PT. KSB Indonesia

    PT. United Tractors as one of the shareholders and the other individual shareholder from PT. United Tractors have sold their shares to KSB Finanz S.A. and KSB Aktiengesellschaft. Since November 1998, KSB Indonesia is 100% owned by KSB Finanz S.A. and KSB Aktiengesellschaft.

  4. Establishment of PT. KSB Indonesia

    On October 19th, 1993, KSB Aktiengesellschaft together with PT. United Tractors established PT. KSB Indonesia (as limited liability company) at Jl. Raya Tipar 42 Cakung, Jakarta Timur. The core business of PT. KSB Indonesia is manufacturing of iron/steel casting and particular machinery and equipment fabrication.

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