KSB indonesia - Milestones

KSB Indonesia never slows down and thus stands for continuous innovation with tradition being key. From the beginnings to the latest product: achievements and highlights KSB Indonesia at a glance. 

  1. Introduction of DnD200 Cruiser

    introduction of DnD200 Cruiser_original

    In early 2013, KSB Indonesia launched a new model of Dewatering and Dredge Pumpset, as the advancement of technical specification and technology improvement of the existing ones. The first DnD200 Cruisers were assembled for the order of PT. Newmont Nusa Tenggara. DnD200 Cruiser is expected to compete the high performance of the classic dewatering and dredge pumpset.

  2. The closure of foundry operations in Indonesia

    On September 28th, 2010, Extraordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders (KSB Finanz S.A. and KSB Aktiengesellschaft) agreed and approved the closure of the foundry operations in Indonesia and the sale of foundry assets at Cakung including land, building, plant and machinery.

  3. The establishment of new area of PT. KSB Indonesia in MM2100 Cibitung


    The head office of PT. KSB Indonesia which was previously established at Jl. Raya Tipar 42 Cakung, Jakarta Timur, Indonesia has moved its Head Office to the new land acquired in 2.1 hectares area at Jl. Timor Blok D2-1, MM2100 Industrial Town, Cibitung, Indonesia.

  4. Introduction of MoviBOOST

    Moviboost 1

    KSB continuously improves on booster pump. Lately, KSB introduced MoviBOOST as a new pressure boosting system to the pumps market. It is the first booster pump that produces a constant pressure even on fluctuated flow rates. The new MoviBOOST has a greater efficiency of energy consumption compared to former conventional system. It is ideally suited for high-rise building, industry, turf watering and spray irrigation.

  5. The establishment of KSB Branch & Service Workshop in Balikpapan, Indonesia

    PT. KSB Indonesia opened one of their branch in Balikpapan on July 1st, 2007. Two years later, on July 1st, 2009, PT. KSB Indonesia acquired 300 m2 area for  Balikpapan sales office and service workshop at Jl. MT. Haryono No.131 Balikpapan. PT. KSB Indonesia has purchased a land area of 4,356 m2 at Batakan area Balikapan during Spetember 2012 to build its own Sales office & Service workshop to be completed during 2013.

  6. Introduction of Fire Fighting Pump Set

    Fire Pic

    KSB introduced Fire Fighting Pump Set to the pumps market in concern to the capability of fire hazard protection. It is the first fire fighting pump set which caters the whole safety standard requirements of every building, in line with the NFPA 20 standard. The new Fire Fighting Pump Set is ideally suited for buildings, industries, oil and gas sectors, energy sectors, and mining sectors.

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