Corporate responsibility at KSB

KSB stands for active commitment to corporate social responsibility. In all our business activities, we are guided by the principles of sustainability and fairness in the way we deal with people and the environment.

This is how KSB applies corporate social responsibility day after day:

Global Compact

KSB is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact. The principles defined by the UN are to promote sustainability and fairness in the business environment.

Environmental protection

KSB supports the goals of the Kyoto Protocol and places great value on optimal energy efficiency for all products and technologies. In addition, our work processes and working environment are designed to require as little energy and as few raw materials as possible.

Occupational health and safety for employees

In order to ensure maximum safety in the workplace, KSB has defined its own EHS guidelines (Environmental Health and Safety) while also meeting national and international standards.

Social commitment

KSB aims to help resolve social problems. Our activities in this field are manifold and range from school projects through supporting charitable organizations to environmental protection.

PT. KSB Indonesia places particular value on several charity projects for earthquake in Padang, Cianjur, and Yogyakarta. Here, PT. KSB Indonesia contributes its share by providing several regular activities for educational support for children in community surrounds our warehouse through our program KSB APAC Care Support for Education. 

In addition, the educational support has been given through Scholarship Program for children of the internal employees with good grades. Another form of donation, PT. KSB Indonesia in cooperation with Yayasan Rumah Kerang in Cilincing, North Jakarta, supported shell craftsmen in commemorating National Solidarity Day. Other social commitment schemes include the agenda of voluntary blood donors from PT. KSB Indonesia’s employees in cooperation with Red Cross Indonesia.

Some Pictures of Our CSR Program in 2009 :

Mr. Rajeev Jain (President Director PT. KSB Inodonesia) and Mr. Javed Umer (Director of Supply Chain Management) together with the children.through KSB APAC Care Program in 2009.
Copyright: KSB Indonesia
KSB APAC Care for Education and Health in 2009
Copyright: KSB Indonesia
Our CSR on Padang earthquake
Copyright: KSB Indonesia

Some Pictures of Our CSR Program in 2010 : csr8 Merapi Eruption 2010 KSB Indonesia  

Some Pictures of Our CSR Program in 2011 :

Employee Blood Donation on June 16th, 2011.
Copyright: KSB Indonesia
Mr. Javed Umer (Director of SCM) on the program of Employee Blood Donation in 2011.
Copyright: KSB Indonesia
KSB APAC Care Support for Education in Cibitung on July 29th, 2011
Copyright: KSB Indonesia
Mr. Rajeev Jain (President Director KSB Indonesia) lead the program of KSB APAC Care in 2011
Copyright: KSB Indonesia
Mr. Rajeev Jain on the program of KSB APAC Care for SDN Mekarwangi 02 Cibitung, Jawa Barat
Copyright: KSB Indonesia

Some Pictures of Our CSR Program in 2012 :

csr 2012
KSB Indonesia supported the program of "Nauli Bulung" - 1000 computers given to Tanah Batak

Some Pictures of Our CSR Program in 2013 :

apac care2013 1
In line with KSB Asia Pacific CSR program, KSB Indonesia conducted APAC Care for Education in December 18th, 2013 to SDN 02 Mekarwangi Cikarang (a Public Elementary School which is located in the same area as KSB Indonesia Factory)
apac care2013 2
Our support is not only for those unfortunate students, but KSB is engaged to support some facilities of school. (Mr. Primo Wirasto - Operational Director gave the symbol to the school principal)
apac care2013 3
Excercise books, stationeries and bags are donated to 221 students of SDN 02 Mekarwangi Cikarang. KSB is committed to support for Indonesia education in the future.
Blood donation2 Dec13
This is our form of care and responsibility to others. Give Blood Give Life by our 57 volunteers (December 19th, 2013)
blood donation2 Dec132
The second "Blood Donation Program" in 2013 with Palang Merah Indonesia
KSB Blood donation 2013
KSB Indonesia together with Palang Merah Indonesia Bekasi Branch conducted the annual program of blood donation on May 14th, 2013
KSB Blood donation 2013
60 employees were successfully supported KSB and Palang Merah Indonesia "Blood Donation 2013"

Some Picture of Our CSR Program in 2014 :

ksb pict 2014
KSB Indonesia CSR program was conducted on 8 September 2014. CSR program did every year. There are 250 students elementary school attended in event it.
ksb pict 1 2014
After last year give bags and practical books books for student, this year PT KSB Indonesia give books for student based on new curriculum 2013 and give conblock to repair 270m2 floor of school. This public elementary school has limitation on facilities.
ksb pict2 2014
Mr. Primo place the conblock as a symbol to started the construction of floor at SDN Mekar wangi 02.

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