KSB work placements at home and abroad

During your work placement with KSB you are assigned specific tasks or work on small projects for periods of between two and six months.


While doing so, you receive constant support from experienced professionals who can provide expert assistance.This also means that you are given extensive help in settling in and are considered fully-fledged members of our teams.

In return, we expect no more than we expect of all KSB employees: a high level of motivation, a clear focus on objectives and a willingness to tackle challenges as part of a team. We are particularly interested in supporting students of mechanical engineering, integrated engineering and business administration, as well as process, supply and electrical engineering.However we also welcome applications from students of business administration or (business) information technology.

Applications for local work placements should be made four months in advance. International work placements should be applied for at least six months prior to your desired start date. Applications should be directed either directly to your local KSB company or through our work placement jobs page at www.ksb.com.

Additional Information