General process engineering: KSB products for the industry

In the field of process engineering, KSB products meet the most diverse requirements in industrial applications and processes. We offer our customers an extensive range of high-quality industrial pumps and valves. Whether industrial cleaning, flue gas desulphurisation, industrial water treatment or cooling systems – KSB products for general process engineering are designed for versatile use and ensure smooth operation. General process engineering

Versatile industrial pumps and valves for all processes

Our pumps and valves are used in the following process engineering applications:

  • Industrial cooling circuits
  • Industrial process water treatment
  • Flue gas desulphurisation
  • Industrial cleaning and flushing

Even extreme temperatures or aggressive fluids cannot damage the resistant industrial pumps and valves from KSB. Whatever the industrial process, we have the right products to offer to our customers who include operators of power plants, chemical companies and refineries. KSB sets environmental standards: in process engineering we focus on energy-efficient solutions and automation products.

Eta pump, Eta pumps

Eta keeps the world on the move

KSB's Eta pumps keep the world on the move with unrivalled product and service diversity as standard. All pumps from the Eta family offer optimised hydraulic systems in an (almost) infinite number of variants.

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Movitec: the new generation of the proven high-pressure pump

The high pressure pump Movitec

With a wide range of design variants to choose from, Movitec pumps are capable of handling a variety of applications. The Movitec high-pressure in-line pump is the perfect solution for our customers, ensuring high performance in diverse areas of use.

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Industrial cooling circuits

A reliable cooling system is of utmost importance for product quality in food production, for example. In industrial cooling processes, powerful KSB products such as the Etanorm volute casing pump or the Movitec high-pressure pump ensure the steady circulation of liquid or gaseous coolants in the cooling circuit. One or more pumps are put to use in this application.

Industrial process water treatment

In industry, many products require specially treated water for their production. With regard to water hardness, electrical conductivity and the gas and solids content, the so-called process water must comply with extremely high quality standards. Purified water is a must in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, for example. Unlike natural water which contains minerals such as lime and magnesium, ultra-pure water is practically free from any foreign particles after treatment.

KSB products are employed in a wide range of applications relating to process water treatment: pumps and valves from KSB are not only employed in water transport but also in the water treatment process itself. One of the most frequent processes using KSB products is reverse osmosis, a process in which the liquid is separated from the dissolved solids and molecules. Reverse osmosis is often combined with a filtration process which uses special membranes to separate the dissolved solids from the water.

Flue gas desulphurisation

In flue gas desulphurisation plants, FGD in short, KSB pumps are employed to transport and clean chemically aggressive flue gases. Flue gas desulphurisation in power plants, refuse incineration plants and other industrial applications are subject to strict environmental regulations. Harmful compounds such as (SO2) and sulphur trioxide (SO3) are generated as flue gas in the combustion of fossil fuels like lignite.

As sulphur cannot be separated with filters, a chemical process such as flue gas desulphurisation is applied to convert sulphur into gypsum by limestone-based wet scrubbing. KSB's corrosion- and wear-resistant industrial pumps and valves perform excellent work in flue gas desulphurisation plants: more than 95 percent of the harmful substances are removed before the cleaned gases are released into the atmosphere. More than 1,000 KSB scrubber pumps, over 2,000 process pumps and several thousands of industrial valves are continuously operating worldwide in power plants.

Industrial cleaning and flushing

When it comes to professional cleaning, our customers rely on KSB's process engineering products. They help to increase the productivity of their companies and extend the service life of their systems. Water is an extremely environmentally friendly cleaning agent – in particular when used in high-pressure cleaning systems to clean contaminated objects. Regular industrial cleaning keeps production facilities in good condition, ensures optimum performance and prevents plant downtime. Statutory hygienic requirements such as those in the food industry are stringent. To clean their products and production facilities, our customers can count on pumps and valves which have proven their worth in process engineering. KSB's high-pressure pumps Movitec and Multitec are used to clean the inside and outside of tanks and apparatus, to flush pipelines and channels or to provide industrial cleaning for heat exchanger components.

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