Only at KSB: pump acceptance testing now also online

No long-distance travel, less time-consuming: Buying a pump at KSB now presents you with the innovative option of reliable and standard-compliant acceptance testing the easy and convenient way, via the Internet. Online remote acceptance testing also shortens the delivery time of your pumps.

KSB test facilities with pioneering technology KSB test facilities with pioneering technology

Until now, purchasing a pump involved travel to the test facility. Acceptance testing and a final inspection are an essential proof of compliance with the guaranteed values. However, they are time-consuming and costly, especially for international projects. KSB’s online remote acceptance testing saves you time and costs. The tests to be performed are transmitted live to your device. Several views of the testing process are available in an online meeting:

  • Camera (pump being inspected in the test facility)
  • Measurement of characteristic curves (from the PumpTest software)

Online remote acceptance testing – it's as easy as that

Coming up to the acceptance test we will provide you with organisational information, order data sheets and a precise description of the acceptance testing. This comprises details on the measuring instruments used including the corresponding calibration certificates. After the acceptance test we will e-mail you the test certificates to be signed. This tried and tested process is implemented in compliance with the acceptance test standards.

Top quality – tested and guaranteed

All around the globe our customers trust in KSB’s pump technology for the most diverse of transport tasks. We offer you consistent professional inspection of our products. Hydraulic performance acceptance testing serves to check the quality and efficiency of our pump sets under real conditions. In KSB’s pump test facilities we furnish proof of the pump’s functionality as well as of its specified operating and performance data. This means assessing pressure, flow rate, power input and output, rotational speed, sound levels and vibrations as well as the pump’s efficiency.

KSB test facilities with pioneering technology

KSB raises the mark for testing pumps worldwide. Several test facilities are available for online remote acceptance testing. One of the most advanced facilities is located in Halle, fitted with state-of-the-art equipment:

  • Suitable for pump sets with a drive rating of up to 10 MW
  • Flow rate up to 21,000 m³/h; discharge pressure up to 64 bar
  • Control and process control systems; fully automated measurement data logging
  • 11 kV frequency inverter for the required speed control
  • Easy-access piping design for integrating the pump into the test set-up in a very short time
  • Comprehensive measures taken to minimise noise and vibrations
  • Complete string test optionally available with customer's transformer – customer’s frequency inverter – customer’s motor – pump
  • Acceptance testing to ISO 9906, Hydraulic Institute; further standards on request

Test facility at KSB's Halle Impressive technological equipment of the test facility at KSB's Halle site enable high-precision measurements to verify the contractually agreed values.

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Smart solution: digital remote acceptance testing saves time and costs

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