Materials used in waste water pumps, especially for industrial waste water

Materials such as cast iron, stainless steel (duplex steel) and wear-resistant white cast iron used in KSB's waste water pumps provide optimum protection, especially from industrial waste water, and ensure trouble-free operation.

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Foundry KSB AG Pegnitz The corrosive and abrasive nature of industrial waste water requires the use of special materials for waste water pumps. KSB’s waste water pumps, for example Amarex KRT submersible motor pumps, Sewatec dry-installed pumps and Amacan submersible pumps in discharge tubes, and are all manufactured using these materials.

  1. Cast Iron
  2. Stainless Steel (Duplex Steel)
  3. Wear-resistant White Cast Iron

Cast iron – for parts subjected to extreme stresses

Cast iron offers value for money and is highly wear-resistant. Its compressive strength makes it a well-suited material for parts subjected to extreme stresses.

Cast iron is used for handling the following fluids in industrial waste water management:

Fluid pumpedRecommended impeller type *)
Waste waterK, D, E, F
River waterK, D, E, F
StormwaterK, D, E, F
Waste water / Sewage
Untreated municipal waste waterF, S, D, E, K
Waste water containing air or gasF
Raw sludgeF, E, D
Digested sludgeF, E, D
Activated sludgeK
Industrial waste water containing ...
Paint suspensions K
Lacquer/paint/varnish suspensionsF, E
Fibres/PulpF, S, D
Chips/swarfK, F
Abrasive substancesK, F
Mildly acidic industrial waste waterK, F
Neutral non-corrosive waste water
Ammonium hydroxideK
Ammonium hydroxide 5%K
Urea 25%K
Potassium hydroxide 10%K
Potassium hydroxide 5%K
Sodium hydroxide 5%K
Sodium carbonate 30%K
Neutral, non-corrosive waste water containing ...
Aliphatic hydrocarbons, e.g. oils, petrol, butane, methaneK
Aromatic hydrocarbons, e.g. benzene, styreneK
Chlorinated hydrocarbons, e.g. tetrachloroethylene, ethylene chloride, chloroform, methylene chlorideK

*) S impeller only for Amarex KRT

Stainless steel (duplex steel) – for excellent chemical resistance

Rust-proof and acid-resistant stainless steel (duplex steel) is particularly suitable for use in the chemical and process industries. It provides protection against pitting and stress corrosion.

Stainless or duplex steel pumps have a long service life, even when operated in waste water containing phosphorous and sulphuric acid. They are resistant to pitting corrosion and, thanks to the low carbon content, intergranular stress corrosion. Stainless steel (duplex steel) is used for handling the following fluids in industrial waste water applications:

Fluid pumpedRecommended impeller type *)
SeawaterK, F
Brackish WaterK, F
Corrosive industrial waste waterK, F

*) S impeller only for Amarex KRT

White cast iron – used for highly abrasive fluids

Wear-resistant materials such as white cast iron are used for highly abrasive fluids. The chromium-molybdenum alloy cast iron features a notably higher wear resistance than other cast iron materials.

KSB’s white cast iron is an alloyed cast iron to DIN 1695 and harder than hardened chrome steel. Wear-resistant pumps from white cast iron are used for handling the following fluids in industrial waste water applications:

Fluid pumpedRecommended impeller type *)
Highly abrasive industrial waste water causing wear (chemically neutral)
Lime waterK
Lime milk containing quartz and pigment suspensionK
Wash water containing solidsK, F
Waste water containing dust or ashK
Water/sand mixtureK, F

*) S impeller only for Amarex KRT

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