Once a KSB pump, always a KSB pump: KSB original spare parts

Even in reliable KSB pumps and valves, wear parts need to be replaced after they have been in service for a certain period of time or repair becomes necessary. With KSB original spare parts you’re on the safe side, as they ensure the usual operating reliability of your pumps and valves.

KSB original spare parts KSB original spare parts ensure optimum pump operation

We don’t accept any compromises when it comes to the quality of our parts. KSB spare parts for pumps and valves are produced on the same machines and with the same precision as new products. KSB ensures that pumps and valves operate at the same level and just as reliably as new products after the parts have been replaced. Another reason for KSB original spare parts: reliability. By using original pump and valve spare parts, you can avoid system failures caused by using non-original parts.

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Complete spare parts kits are available for many pump type series. Use these service packages, which for example include gaskets, bearings and impellers, and save up to 30% on the prices for individual parts. Even better, the spare parts kits are easy to order and available at short notice.

You can order KSB spare parts for all applications quickly and easily via our Web- Shop – even outside of our business hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can configure your pump, order it online together with standard pumps or spare parts and track the status of your orders at any time.

KSB spare parts logistics service

Spare parts logistics service

Thanks to a spare parts logistics service, KSB quickly produces and delivers spare parts in order to get your system back into operation as quickly as possible; including 24/7 emergency service.

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Spare parts manufacture with KSB reverse engineering

Reverse engineering

KSB’s reverse engineering makes it possible to quickly reproduce spare parts that are hard to find or no longer available.

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3D Printing

3D printing opens up new possibilities in spare parts procurement. An ideal solution if you need a spare part quickly.

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KSB mechanical seals

KSB mechanical seals

The robust mechanical seals from KSB help to reduce maintenance costs and extend the service life of systems.

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KSB inventory management for spare parts

Inventory management

KSB specialists will assess your individual spare parts requirements and advise you on how to optimise this for your system.

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KSB offers spare parts for old type series

Discontinued programme

Long-term reliability of supply: in its discontinued programme, KSB offers pumps manufactured as replacement and spare parts for tried and tested type series and predecessor models, spanning several decades.

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