Pump check for more efficiency: Pump Operation Check (POC) from KSB

Your system may be working reliably. But is it truly efficient? And how can we increase its efficiency? To find the answer KSB offers you a comprehensive pump check.

Load profile analysis Load profile analysis
A pump check performed in your system uses the results from the PumpMeter monitoring unit. It measures all key pump data during operation and, if appropriate, indicates that optimisation is required. The data obtained serve as a basis for the Pump Operation Check.

How does the Pump Operation Check work?

Our energy efficiency experts analyse the load profile measured by the pump monitoring unit over a representative period of time. On this basis, they then provide concrete tips and recommend courses of action for increasing the availability and efficiency of the analysed pump.

Recommended measures might include:

  • Retrofitting a variable speed system, e.g. PumpDrive
  • Adjusting the impeller diameter
  • Modernising the drive, and where applicable, replacing it with a KSB SuPremE® motor, the world’s most efficient magnet-less pump motor

As part of Pump Operation Check you will receive a comprehensive report of findings from us including an economic efficiency analysis. On request, we will also draw up a quotation for implementing the recommended measures.

Your benefits with a pump check:

  • Increased transparency and economic efficiency of your pump system
  • Valid results through long-term analysis instead of snapshots
  • PumpMeter is already fitted as standard in many pumps
  • Reimbursement of up to 30 % of costs through funding from the German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA)

Pump Operation Check in practice Pump Operation Check in practice

Pump Operation Check in practice

The efficiency of your pumps under the spot light: learn about the work of our energy efficiency experts by way of a concrete example.

Industrial plant: cooling water supply

This example has shown that the increase in efficiency combined with the reduced pressure in the cooling water system makes for energy savings of over 66 percent, an astonishing result bearing in mind that the initial situation was a fixed-speed pump equipped with a 15 kW motor circulating the cooling water via a heat exchanger.

Results of Pump Operation Check

  • Low efficiency due to the wear and age of the pump in operation
  • Throttled valve on the suction side
  • Flow losses due to hydraulically unfavourable valves

Recommendations for optimisation

  • Selection of a new variable speed pump from the Etanorm range
  • Reduction of system pressure from 2.8 to 2 bar
  • Installation of hydraulically optimised valves
  • Installation of 7.5 kW SuPremE® motor and a variable speed system

Costs saved by POC
Energy costs per annum prior to optimisation11,796 €
Energy costs per annum using speed control 3,993 €
Savings per annum7,803 €
Energy saved 55,734 kWh
Reduction of CO2 emissions10.7 t

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