Reliable service from a single source: repair, maintenance and servicing from KSB

Regular servicing and professional maintenance strategies help to significantly extend a system’s life cycle. KSB uses highly qualified service specialists – either on site at the customer’s facility or in one of KSB’s service centres.

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KSB will repair pumps, motors and valves of any make and – if requested – modernise them to the latest technological standards. With many years of experience and proven manufacturer know-how, KSB ensures the reliable operation and long service life of your system.

Repairs, inspections and servicing as well as maintenance inspections at a glance

Services from a single source

A dedicated contact is at your disposal for pumps and valves from all manufacturers and will gladly coordinate your servicing and maintenance needs. When pumps and valves are repaired, KSB records this in history files which list all servicing and maintenance work.

Broad product range

KSB offers repairs and maintenance for a broad product range. This is available for pumps, valves, motors and other rotating equipment. Comprehensive maintenance inspection management for industrial plants completes our portfolio.

Available around the clock: the 24/7 inspection service

Highly qualified KSB service engineers are available 24 hours a day. Even if repairs are needed at short notice or in the event of unscheduled downtimes of pumps and motors, they are ready and waiting for action and will be quickly on site. Inspection service from KSB: optimally tailored to customer needs.

Planning reliability thanks to dependable calculation: KSB maintenance inspection management

With fixed prices for repair and servicing, KSB offers clear and straightforward maintenance management. This means the maintenance costs for a system can be reliably calculated in advance. Thanks to precise planning and preparation, downtimes during repairs and maintenance are kept to a minimum.

Motor service

Pump service and motor service

KSB’s training staff pass on technical knowledge and practical service know-how in KSB pump and valve seminars.

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Valve service

Valve service

Bespoke, individual, comprehensive: KSB provides professional valves service for all makes, regardless of the design, size and manufacturer.

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Maintenance inspection management

KSB Service offers a variety of maintenance inspection management services for industrial plants such as refineries, steam crackers or power stations. Specialists inspect and repair pumps sets even within the shortest of downtimes.

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Inspection service

Regular inspection and maintenance included in the KSB inspection service ensure the reliable operation of pumps and valves in water and waste water installations as well as in biosgas plants.

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