Calio: Planning is simple and straightforward

So simple, right from the planning stage! Calio, the efficient KSB circulator is fast and straightforward to commission and impresses with its space-saving design. It is also particularly energy-efficient.

The Calio circulator is the ideal partner for complex buildings. The Calio circulator is the ideal partner for complex buildings.

Calio masters every challenge in commercial buildings. The circulator pump is ideal for hot-water heating systems, air-conditioning systems, closed cooling circuits and industrial recirculation systems. The Calio circulator stands out with its long service life and energy-saving, future-proof operation: KSB's circulator is more than ready for the legal requirements of the European ErP regulations for 2015.

Benefits of Calio at a glance

  • All major interfaces integrated
  • Clever, space-saving design
  • Simple to use
  • Fast to install and commission
  • Long service life with membrane technology preventing ingress of pollutants into the rotor space
  • Energy savings in excess of 40 percent with Eco Mode

Top efficiencies with Eco Mode

Innovative highlight of the circulator: its unique Eco Mode. With this new operating mode Calio achieves top efficiencies in the part-load range. This saves more than 40% of the energy required in Proportional-pressure Control mode.

How the Eco Mode works

In Eco Mode the circulator operated in part-load range adjusts the differential pressure to the system demand along a quadratic pump curve. A setpoint can be selected as a starting point for computing the characteristic curve.

Eco Mode – benefits at a glance

  • Low energy and operating costs:
    lower differential pressures per flow rate value than in Proportional-pressure Control mode
  • Power input reduced by more than 40 percent:
    compared to proportional-pressure control
  • No flow noises:
    no generation of unnecessarily high heads

Calio Z: Dual pump management with automatic pump changeover and changeover in the event of a fault Dual pump management with automatic pump changeover, changeover and peak load operation in the event of a fault

Additional Information

Product downloads

More information on the use of Calio and Calio S circulators is available for download here.

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