Keeping an eye on all components: with the innovative BOA-Systronic control system

Save up to 70 percent in energy and costs by continuous system assessment – BOA-Systronic has the answer.

With BOA-Systronic you operate your high-efficiency KSB circulators along the system curve – by matching pump output precisely to the actual demand. Continuous system assessment offers you additional benefits. It also optimises the hydraulic conditions of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning circuits.

The BOA-Systronic pump/valve control system optimises energy transport – regardless of the pump technology used! All components involved in a process are systematically analysed and integrated in a control circuit. As a result, the flow rates and pump heads can be reduced in line with the requirements. This also keeps the return temperatures in the system down. The pumps involved are operated more efficiently, saving you operating costs. In addition, heat and cold generators yield higher efficiencies. With KSB’s help you can make perfect use of the remaining hydraulic saving potentials.


How BOA-Systronic works

KSB's innovative BOA-Systronic control system comprises a control unit, a measurement valve and two control valves. Unlike in conventional solutions, the functions of all components are highly interlinked. Thanks to operation at reduced return temperatures, less cold water is mixed into the supply. Less water has to be pumped. This means the pump transports the required hot water rather than mainly cold return water. And this is what saves energy costs.

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