KSB as a member of German Water Partnership – strong partners for a strong network

KSB is a member of the German Water Partnership e.V. (GWP) network. The network combines commercial enterprises and associations from the German water management sector to strengthen their competitive position in global markets.

The German Water Partnership GWP network is a joint initiative of private and public enterprises as well as professional associations and public institutions. Together with more than 320 other members, KSB is representing the German water management sector under the umbrella brand GWP on international markets.

Know-how of global market leaders from a single source

GWP acts as the central point for international contacts. It offers a platform which coordinates players in the water industry and drives innovation. GWP exclusively comprises internationally recognised, long-term reliable partners that help the association to provide solutions tailored to the needs of foreign customers. The network is also committed to providing water supply and sanitation facilities in emerging and developing countries and strives to promote sustainable, resource-friendly water consumption at an international level. GWP receives support from the German Federal Ministries for the Environment, Research, Development, and Economics as well as from the German Federal Foreign Office.

KSB joined the German Water Partnership network to expand its customer contacts and further extend and strengthen the existing network in the global water management sector.

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