KSB webshop for pumps, valves and spare parts

The KSB onlineshop offers you safe, password-protected access to numerous functions, the KSB EasySelect selection software and other areas. Here you will find the pumps, valves, accessories and spare parts you need. The portal also provides you with all relevant information about products, delivery times, customer net prices, as well as quotations and orders for specific customers in an easy-to-read format. Best of all, this information can be conveniently integrated in your enterprise resource planning system. 

New content item KSB webshop for pumps, valves, accessories and spare parts.

KSB Webshop – Inform, find and order

Your benefits:

  • Track orders
  • View quotations and order
  • Find net prices and delivery times
  • Order new products and spare parts online
  • Access the Product Catalogue with a complete range of available operating instructions, CAD drawings, type series booklets, characteristic curves and typical tenders
  • Configure products using KSB EasySelect
  • Save products and configurations online.
  • View spare parts lists for specific serial or work numbers
  • Create quotations: Select the products required and calculate quotation prices for your customers. You can also enter all the texts necessary to provide a quotation. A quotation is then generated, which you can save and print out.

You can obtain your personal access data to the KSB Customer Portal:

Optimise business processes in e-procurement by leveraging KSB‘s know-how.

We are your partner for customised, integrated solutions.

We see ourselves as a solution provider not only for pumps, valves and systems, but for e-business in particular – from system integration via OCI (Open Catalog Interface), to electronic marketplaces, through to EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). Our range always includes the most suitable and efficient solution to meet your needs.

Your benefits:

  • Duplicate data entries are avoided
  • Sources of error are eliminated as far as possible
  • Process steps are carried out more quickly
  • Use of paper and e-mail is minimised
  • Costs are reduced thanks to the efficient, standardised exchange of electronic data.

You can integrate the KSB online portal and its full range of functions in your ordering processes via the standardised OCI interface. Simply enter the URL to call the Customer Portal by punchout from within your purchasing system and send the data you select directly to your order transaction.

Leverage the intelligent IT solutions from KSB to conveniently access products by integrating the KSB product range as an electronic catalogue in your purchasing system. All data is sent to you in standard formats such as, for example, BMEcat.

We also offer an EDI system for exchanging business documents electronically as a clever way to streamline your business processes.

Contact the KSB e-business team at:



Additional Information

Contact the KSB e-business team

Do you require additional information about the possibilities of system integration? Are you interested in obtaining detailed information or accessing the Webshop? Our specialists would be happy to meet with you personally to offer comprehensive advice, answer your questions and ultimately find the solution that is right for you.

Contact the KSB e-business team at: shopmaster@ksb.com