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Discover the world of fluid transport that KSB makes possible with its pumps, valves and service offerings.

Read about the projects KSB is involved in. Where are KSB pumps and valves in operation around the world? What challenges does KSB tackle every day? And who are the people that work for the company? Find out about all of this and more in our KSB Magazine.

  1. KSB’s Powerhouse: small turnkey hydropower system

    The first turnkey Powerhouse is waiting for shipment at KSB’s Frankenthal factory.

    “In future, the Powerhouse will primarily be used to provide electricity in regions which have previously never been connected to the power grid.”

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  2. Three lives in one: fully in the service of KSB!

    Kevin Brandt reassembling a gear pump

    This switching between different lifestyles and types of work is precisely what Brandt enjoys about his current line of work.

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  3. “Hiking lets you slow down”

    Walter Maurer in front of St. Peter’s Basilica following his arrival in Rome

    Whether in the air, on water or on land – KSB staff have a range of interesting hobbies. Walter Maurer, who loves hiking, crowned his hobby this year by completing the final stage of the Via Francigena – a pilgrim route to Rome.

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  4. Being one with the foundry team

    The new moulding shop for medium-sized castings at the Pegnitz site

    For 30 years Manfred Heim has been working at KSB’s foundry in Pegnitz, since 2007 as Head of Moulding 1. The course for the future has been set, he says, referring to the continuous modernisation of systems and the strong team at the site.

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  5. “Olympics of the Heart” for a better quality of life in the desert

    Staff at KSB France are proud of their successful fund-raising campaign.

    Drinking water supply and a school building - sounds obvious for most of us, doesn´t it? For a small village in Niger it is not.

    With a fund-raising campaign KSB S.A.S and the aid organisation Les Puits de Désert ensure happy faces and a better quality of life.

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  6. A trade fair planner with a passion

    KSB trade fair team plans a trade fair from start to finish

    Trade fairs are often large-scale events, with some 135,000 visitors, 3,000 exhibitors and a stand measuring 180 square metres. Marketing expert Isa Schleißinger’s job is to successfully showcase the company at such events.

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