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  1. How KSB ensured water supply in New York

    How KSB ensured water supply in New York

    New York’s most important drinking water tunnel had to be emptied for repairs - quickly and reliably! KSB supplied five of the most powerful submersible motor pump sets ever produced by KSB.

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  2. Submersible motor pumps from KSB lift waste water from a depth of 92 metres in St. Petersburg.


    A cleaner Baltic Sea – this was the initial idea behind the waste water disposal project for this millions-strong metropolis. Today, 19 Amarex KRT pumps ensure that up to 98 percent of the city’s waste water is treated in a waste water treatment plant before being discharged into the Baltic Sea.

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  3. More potable water for Montreal

    The new KSB pump now installed

    The Canadian city of Montreal extracts water from the St Lawrence River for two large potable water treatment plants. To satisfy population growth, the city’s water department needed a new large pump for the larger of the two plants. This had to be of the same specifications as the existing KSB pumps – and run efficiently and smoothly.

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  4. Energy efficiency for Europe’s largest wastewater treatment project

    Emscher waste water sewer, Emscher canal

    The 51 km long Emscher sewer is considered to be the largest wastewater project in Europe and serves the sustainable restoration of the River Emscher in the Ruhr area of Germany. Today, 21 specially designed KSB pumps in two wastewater pump stations ensure that incoming wastewater from the eastern Emscher Valley is pumped from a depth of around 40 m to 8 m below ground level to provide sufficient slope for the wastewater to flow off again down the underground tunnel.

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  5. Provides energy for an entire city: the Thassalia marine thermal energy project

    KSB's MegaCPK volute casing pump for handling aggressive liquids

    The Thassalia seawater plant supplies sustainable energy for buildings with a 500,000 m² surface area. Find out why high-performance pumps from KSB make a major contribution to the project's success.

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  6. Philharmonie de Paris breaks new ground in wastewater removal efficiency


    The Philharmonie de Paris has set a new standard in the design and provision of world standard cultural facilities. The installation of  KSB’s SRL online lift station and Surpresschrom water system booster pumps have made a significant contribution towards energy efficiency and environmental responsibilities.

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