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  1. 50 years and still going strong: the world's largest museum ship is kitted out with KSB pumps


    Tobias Mai's plan was to go on holiday and completely switch off. But it didn't quite work out that way. During a short stop off in Hamburg on the way back, the 33-year-old KSB employee made an extraordinary discovery: 50-year-old KSB pumps which are still operating reliably on the Cap San Diego – the world's largest seaworthy museum ship.

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  2. Waste water disposal for Mont-Saint-Michel

    Waste water transport, Waste water lifting units

    As the monastery at Mont Saint-Michel is one of France’s most frequently visited tourist attractions, reliable waste water transport is essential. KSB has supplied highly efficient waste water lifting units to the island which serve this purpose.

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  3. Giant pumps from KSB keep Mexico City dry


    Mexico City is repeatedly threatened by large volumes of water. The 20 million residents of the metropolis are receiving help in the fight against floods from 20 submersible motor pumps from KSB.

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  4. Steam turbine power plant in Egypt

    Referenzfilm Aegypten_anc_original

    KSB pumps are in operation around the world. In Egypt's El-Tebbin steam turbine power plant, for example, cooling water pumps, condensate pumps and boiler feed pumps from KSB play a crucial role in the country's energy supply.

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  5. Keeping a cool head – with KSB pumps in the Abu Dhabi district cooling plant

    Fernkühlanlage Abu Dhabi_anc_original

    District cooling is the key to saving energy and increasing efficiency in Abu Dhabi, where central cooling systems are operated with KSB pumps.

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  6. BASF-YPC Nanjing

    BASF-YPC Nanjing China_original

    At the BASF-YC joint venture, KSB pumps meet the most stringent requirements in terms of safety, reliability and efficiency.

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