KSB Group publishes preliminary results for 2017

In 2017, the pump and valve manufacturer KSB increased both order intake and sales revenue. This is reflected in the provisional figures for the company for the past financial year.

They show that the volume of new orders received by KSB in 2017 was up € 108.1 million on the previous year. This rise of 5 % to € 2,264.2 million is above all attributable to business in water and waste water management, industry and mining.

Alongside Europe, the Region Asia / Pacific was a regional focus in terms of order intake, with orders received here accounting for about half of the growth. The companies in the Region Americas also devel­oped positively.

Consolidated sales revenue grew by € 31.6 million (+ 1.5 %) to € 2,197.3 million in 2017. On account of some longer-term orders, this lags behind the order intake. KSB won a greater number of major orders again in 2017, which will be completed in 2018 and subsequent years in line with customer planning. They above all relate to projects in industry and the energy sector.

Consolidated earnings before income taxes, which will be published by KSB in the Annual Report on 28 March, are expected to reflect a signifi­cant improvement on the previous year (€ 74.6 million). In addition to business development, the progress of the Efficiency Improvement Programme launched in 2016 has contributed to this positive earnings trend.

KSB intends to maintain growth in the current financial year. As well as increasing order intake and sales revenue, KSB is aiming to again improve earnings. 

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